Celebrating our city and community: Manchester International Festival

As supporters of Manchester International Festival, Richard Bertram talks about how intrinsic communities are and how we’re looking forward to the coming together of our city, once again.

The recent tragic events in Manchester and London shocked and affected us all. However, out of this devastating atrocity, there have been positives; the response and strength of people coming together to denounce violence and to support, help and grow as one – a community united.

Communities are the soul of this country and our points of connection with others.

You just need to see how many events there are each week that draw people together; whether it is music, art, sport or other activities, they all assist in promoting a sense of community.

The Manchester International Festival is one such event. A gathering of global talents accessible for all across the region and beyond.

As well as bringing global artists from different backgrounds and forms together, putting Manchester, on the world map, MIF works widely within local communities. Through volunteering opportunities, participants in shows or even through planning a mini-festival for friends and neighbours, the festival connects with its community.

The launch of this year’s festival really brings home how intrinsic people and communities are - and indeed is a homage to the coming together of a city from the post-terrorist attacks - with the large-scale public celebration of Manchester, ‘What is the City but the People.’

Based in Manchester for over 22 years our connection with the city is strong; it’s our home.

And as we work so closely with its people, supporting workplaces across the city, we are proud to be supporting our home through MIF.

We’re looking forward to the variety of events and performances that are on offer to enjoy, including our own special lunch event during the festival, and welcoming seeing the revitalisation and coming together of a city once again. A city with a lot of spirit that has been evident in spades, time and time again.

Excellence - and a celebration- provided for an outstanding community. 

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