Designing the high performance workplace

Craig Murray, Workplace Consultant at TSK Group, explains how great workplaces can align purpose, experience and can be key to achieving strategic outcomes.

Take a look around many workplaces and you will see space dedicated to workstations with many desks sitting empty, reduced in size due to organisational growth replacing key spaces that once balanced privacy, concentration and interaction.

Brand messages overlaid throughout the building with only the inside of the communal fridge portraying the quality of human relationships and culture “if you won’t share milk you won’t share an idea, collaborate or develop innovations that drive competitive advantage for your organisation and customer”. For many organisations workplaces are a liability on the balance sheet that no longer support the needs of its leadership, employee, or customer experience.

Your talent is typically 80% of your of your expenditure.  How can your workplace be a catalyst to that talent, drive effective customer outcomes and move from liability to become a key component of your strategic capability and part of your ‘how to win’ strategy?

Great workplaces align purpose, experience and customer outcomes created via dedicated design thinking, that will allow you to realise the potential of this key strategic asset.

Our project for MWH Global, recently shortlisted in Insider NW Property Awards, was designed to do this and is a great example of how workplaces can promote collaboration, innovation and enhance productivity.

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