Does your workplace enhance your business?

Richard Bertram, head of business development at TSK Group, explains how businesses which adopt a design-led approach to the workplace can reap the benefits.

The purpose of an office must be to enable its occupants to perform their tasks to their best ability, yet research has shown that many offices do not do this; poor workplaces can actually hinder productivity and creativity. 

The way in which we work has changed significantly over the last decade yet many organisations expect their employees to deliver customer service excellence and improved performance from a workplace that is no longer fit for purpose. 

Activity-based working recognises the need for a workplace to provide a variety of work settings for the different tasks to be performed. People need work settings where, at different times, they can concentrate, collaborate, create and rejuvenate. Clearly, these different activities need varied settings to be performed at their optimum level – did anyone ever have their best ideas sat behind a desk?

The workplace also plays a key role in the culture of a business as well as the attraction and retention of employees.

The quality and availability of collaboration/break out spaces are rated as some of the highest factors in employee workplace satisfaction surveys. Social media and PR mean that employees are aware of what other organisations are like to work for and what their workplaces are like.

TSK has recently completed new offices for Swinton Insurance and AJ Bell. Both organisations understand the massive attainable benefits of workplaces that are designed around their business needs and that support people in their daily activities.

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