MIPIM 2019 – Clearer skies are on the horizon

Written by Richard Bertram, TSK

On reflection, there is a good possibility that the week of MIPIM 2019 might well reflect the current economic & political situation the UK finds itself in; turbulence and nervousness to begin with but quickly followed by brightness & determination.

For many the week started with bumpy flights and general uncertainty regarding the direction of travel; the seas were looking very choppy and the boats very unstable.

However, once the conference itself was in motion it was clear that sentiments of positivity & determination outweighed the worries of the journey to southern France.

The vast majority of the discussions in and around the Le Palais were about creating the future for people; an obvious agenda for an investment and property event but this year it felt there was even more determination and commitment behind the message.

For future prosperity towns, cities, regions and nations need to be building communities; places where people aspire to live, work and thrive. Communities must provide choices in order to be attractive places for organisations and people.

Just like an effective workplace there needs to be a variety of options (for living and working), areas where people can relax and collaborate and also connect with the environment. The role of the property industry isn’t solely to build, it is to create and enable .

As an industry, and a nation, we need to be positive about whatever the future holds in order to help shape it. There will be uncertainty but, as has been clear at Mipim 2019, a common desire to overcome challenges will prevail in the long term.

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