More Than Marginal Gains

As the corporate landscape is becoming ever more mindful of the wellbeing of staff, Craig Murray shares his views on this theme and how it should be about more than marginal gains.

There is a growing understanding of the correlation between business success, organisational culture and wellbeing.

Organisational culture is a complex mix of shared purpose and values and for them to thrive, the engagement of people is vital.

Workplace wellbeing is also complex and specific to both an individual and an organisation. But there are key contributions we can make as consultants and designers that effect physical, mental and social wellbeing.

We’ve been seeing a rise in organisations understanding on health and wellbeing and its relationship to culture, energy and employee engagement, and fundamentally, how this is extended through to the client service and customer experience.

Workplace consultancy and design is no longer related to office size and desk numbers. It is focused on enabling workplace communities to perform their work activities effectively, supported by behaviours that underpin culture.

Wellbeing is not this year’s colour trend, fruit basket delivery or bean to cup coffee of choice. It is about embedding and integrating wellbeing into the fabric of the business to create environments for employees to thrive.

It is about the recognition of the health and vitality of each employee in the support of the whole organisation’s resilience and success.

Elite sports have taught us of the importance of marginal gains in beating the competition. Individual and collective wellbeing is not marginal, it is fundamental.


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