Review of MIPIM 2018 Property for People

A glorious Cote D’Azur last Friday morning saw the delegates of MIPIM 2018 pack up and depart to their respective parts of the globe following a week of announcements, deal making and investments. A key fixture in the property calendar, it really is a great event for the industry and networking.

However, even though it’s a property event, it is more about people - and not just those there at Cannes. Aside from collaborations pre, during and post the event, new connections formed, and the relationships invested in and developed, people and their experiences were the subject of many presentations and discussions during the week.

Experiences shape not only a person but also the environment. Cities become great places when the experiences of the people living, working or travelling to them are positive. This is of course also true for organisations – and their workplaces. Workplaces become great places when employees, their visitors and clients have excellent experiences there.

The experiences are greatly influenced by interaction with and support from other people. This is clearly seen in the dramatic growth and expansion of co-working organisations such as WeWork throughout the UK - creating places for people to come together and develop as a community. Even the City of London’s marketing headline was referencing the square mile as the ‘first co-working space’ in the coffee shops of the 1800s.

Experience also plays a key role towards wellbeing – something that is high on the agendas of government, city regions, the creators of place and businesses.

For years, organisations have focused on creating a positive customer and client experience to help drive the success of the business. Now we’re hearing more about creating the best employee experience and all the benefits linked to this.  By focusing on the wellbeing of your employees, you begin to directly impact this employee experience. And by creating consistent great experiences for your employees, it will help create a culture of high performing and engaged employees.

At TSK we are working with organisations who are needing to attract and retain the best talent. They are recognising the workplace is a key component to employee wellbeing and providing the best environment for them to be at their best – a topic we look at further in the latest research piece produced by the Knowledge Exchange.

So actually, the world’s largest property event notorious for the delegate experience was focused on experiences outside of the week and people - long may it stay that way.

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