TSK and The Pioneers: The role of the workplace in employee experience

Increasingly, organisations are recognising that improving the day to day experience of their employees at work can help them to attract and retain the best people, drive innovation and provide them with competitive advantage.

While there are many factors that help to create a positive employee experience, the physical environment plays an important role.

As part of the Knowledge Exchange, we’re partnering with people management consultancy, The Pioneers, to explore this further at an exclusive event in November: The role of the workplace in employee experience’.

During the event in Manchester, we will deliver interactive sessions on the business-critical factors that drive employee sentiment, why it’s important and what organisations can do to enhance the experience for their people.

Bee Heller, Partner at The Pioneers, commented: “We’re really excited to be working with TSK on this event to look at the impact that space has on employee experience. From our work with many organisations, helping them to design and build their culture, we know that the physical environment can have a significant impact on people’s behaviour. We're looking forward to exploring how to take a very deliberate approach to using workspace to drive a distinct organisational culture.”

If you want to learn more about how to create the best approach for an excellent employee experience for your workforce, join us on Thursday 22nd November at Irwin Mitchell’s new workplace in Manchester. Find out more & book your place

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