Workplaces Supporting People

Are workplaces just seen as a big cost on the balance sheet by employers? Craig Murray shares his thoughts.

Throughout my 25 years as a Workplace Consultant there’s one thing that is absolute, no one goes out to buy an office. Workplaces are often seen as a big cost on the balance sheet and only as somewhere for us to conduct business.

But did you know that people are 80 per cent of organisations yearly costs? This begs the question; can organisations afford not to consider the office as an asset, supporting the needs of their people in delivering for customers?

All working environments have the same fundamental components and it’s the way we draw these components together as solution, which result in our offices being so much more than where we work.

At TSK, we recognise the importance of creating workplaces that support people and that your working environment is the key to unlocking improved business performance and productivity.

Craig Murray - Consultancy and Design Director at TSK

But how do we get there? Understanding your business vision and what you’re trying to achieve (ideal ways to work, improving customer service or achieving higher colleague engagement) is key when considering an office refurbishment, relocation, or workplace transformation project.

MWH a recent client of TSK, wanted to deliver cultural change and create a real sense of community within the organisation during their relocation to Manchester Soapworks in 2016.

As you can see from some of the MWH directors’ and colleagues’ comments, we achieved this by creating a working environment with their people at the heart.

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