Workplaces to create the best employee experience

Richard Bertram, Business Development Director at TSK shares his views on creating the best workplace for employee experience. 

Employee experience is a growing theme, with headlines referring to it as the future of work. Organisations are looking to create a strong employee experience that mirrors their best customer experience, recognising the benefits and direct correlation with overall business success.

The workplace is one of the key foundations of employee experience and significantly affects the way people perform and perceive their roles. Offices have changed dramatically over the past 20 years, becoming places for creativity and connection that are reliant on human interaction, supported and enabled by technology.

Developing a strategy to create an employee experience that considers the physical environment your people are working in, and the tools and technologies that enable their productivity to achieve their best work, is a focus for many organisations.

So how does it affect your business?

As physical space has such a huge impact on our behaviour, the workplace fundamentally shapes employee experience. From location to layout, the environment you provide for your people can enhance wellbeing, therefore boosting productivity and delivering business goals.

The location of a workplace can transform someone’s experience before they even reach it. Workplaces that are easily accessible and surrounded by amenities can have a positive impact on employees and visitors alike.

More organisations are relocating to city centres or commercial ‘edge of town’ destinations that provide excellent transport infrastructure and accessibility to a host of retail, social and leisure facilities.

For example, last year we partnered with law firm Blacks Solicitors to create their new workspace in the prestigious City Point building in central Leeds. Moving from the outskirts of the Leeds business district to the bustling city community, bringing the team closer to clients, attracting new talent and transforming culture, was key to the investment.

How does the internal environment affect your employees?

The interior of the workplace sets the tone for employee experience. Everything, from the layout to the colours and objects within the space, comes together to form an environment that people interact with in a certain way, defining the culture of the business.

If we’re not comfortable or inspired in our surroundings, it becomes incredibly difficult to feel motivated or be productive, in turn affecting our mental and physical wellbeing. In this way, workplace is a key tool for your business, creating the right work settings can have immeasurable benefits for employee experience.

People need variety and choice to deliver their roles to the best of their ability. Activity-based workplaces provide employees with different work settings that they can use for the task in hand, rather than pushing themselves to be productive in the wrong environment. Giving your people a variety of work settings, such as collaborating in a communal area, reading and researching in a zen space or holding a call in a private room, allows them to identify their best ways of working and be at their most productive.

What steps do you need to take?

By taking the time to understand what your people need to do their best work, you can enhance employee experience and provide a workplace that enables your team to fulfil their potential.

Through workplace consultancy, we can discover insights about the needs of your people, which can be utilised to create an effective environment that enables both your employees and your business to thrive.

Looking to improve employee experience and transform their company culture to help attract and retain the best talent, Kellogg’s relocated to MediaCity in January 2018. Watch how Kellogg’s have created the right employee experience with their workplace. 


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