World-class workplaces pioneering employee experience

Our clients, JTI and AJ Bell, have both achieved international acclaim this year as they have been recognised as two of the most effective workplaces in the world by independent assessor of employee experience, Leesman.

The Leesman benchmark survey measures employees’ sense of pride, productivity and community, collating the results and ranking the organisation on a performance scale.

Out of over 425,000 employees in 3,200 organisations surveyed to date, worldwide, the workplaces we created for JTI and AJ Bell have helped to position them in the top 10 globally.

In both cases, the design was informed by a deep understanding of the organisation’s culture, their aspirations for the future and the way they work currently, along with being centred around supporting a positive employee experience and supporting people’s wellbeing at work.

As one of the fastest-growing investment companies in the UK, AJ Bell wanted to create a new workplace that would help to attract the best talent, with the success and wellbeing of their people at its heart. Meanwhile, for global manufacturer JTI, the design was focused around enhancing their strong company values and culture of autonomy, enterprise and openness, whilst supporting their people to work freely and collaboratively.

Andy Burke, TSK Director, said “We are very proud that our clients have achieved this worldwide recognition. It demonstrates the tangible business benefits that designing workplaces that support people to do their best work can have on performance.”

Read more about how we helped JTI and AJ Bell create workplaces that support their people.

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