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A people-centric workplace

Lockton’s relocation to Piccadilly Place enabled them to create a flexible workplace that caters for their team and supports their ambitions for continued growth.

After 10 years in their previous office, Lockton wanted to revitalise their business by providing a contemporary workplace that is in keeping with their people and brand and enables them to remain competitive in the industry.

We partnered with the international insurance broker to support them with their plans and created an environment designed fully around the needs of their people.

Using the move as an opportunity to review the way they work, their new space provides a variety of settings, supported by new technology to allow the team to adopt more effective ways of working.

As a forward-thinking organisation, Lockton also wanted to ensure their workplace was future-proof to support their evolving business and growing team, helping to attract and retain the best talent.

The new space includes several flexible working spaces along with formal meeting rooms, informal meeting areas, social spaces and dedicated core workstations.

Reflecting the company’s history, key milestones for the business are integrated in a welcoming visitors lounge. A muted colour palette provides a relaxing environment whilst elements of the brand shine through to create overall, a welcoming, bright and modern workplace.

Shortly after moving into Piccadilly Place, Lockton are benefitting from their new workplace environment, with easier communication and more opportunities to collaborate.

“Our people are our most important asset and are what enables us to stand out in the crowded broker market. We wanted to create a collaborative environment to help us to retain and attract the very best people in the insurance industry. TSK worked with us to engage with our associates and managed the whole process fantastically throughout. They have created a smart, professional and modern space that fits with the way our people work now but also, that is designed to be flexible for future ways of working.

"Since moving into the space, the feedback received has been great from both our team and visitors. It’s revitalised our business and will support our future plans.” Matt Davies, Partner at Lockton Companies LLP

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