Newmarket Rd, Cambridge CB5 8RX, UK

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18,000 sq. ft


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Creating a centre of excellence inspired by land, sea and air

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group is an industry leader with over 108 years of experience. They wanted to provide a workplace for their engineering teams that reflected their expertise in military, civil and commercial aircraft and defence solutions.

Previously, the engineering teams were not based in one place and a decision was taken to bring them together. The 18,000 sq. ft collective workspace has been designed and delivered by TSK as a centre of excellence, which supports the future of the business and encourages creativity and innovation.

Insight gleaned from our workplace consultancy team highlighted the potential to reimagine the workspace for agile working. The clean, bright and spacious environment incorporates meeting zones with settings for project work and encourages a flow of collaboration and team work.

The design centres around the themes of land, sea and air, encompassing the work of the engineering firm. Industrial materials and unique metals are featured throughout, with surface patterns commonly seen in the aerospace industry carried throughout the building.

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group’s world-class engineering environment is a place to support and inspire existing engineers, whilst creating a diverse arena for employees and customers. The new workplace supports the delivery of all their projects through new ways of working and connects the team under one roof to achieve continued business success.

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