Capability Green, Luton LU1, UK

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10,000 sq ft


Workplace Consultancy

Office Design

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450 Capability Green, Luton
30,000 sq ft, Cat B

As the second largest HR services provider in the world, Randstad are uniquely positioned to understand the vital importance of any company's people. They also recognise the significance of the office itself in attracting and retaining the pick of available talent. They wanted to rejuvenate their workspace into an environment that would inspire their workforce and release their creative impulses, creating an atmosphere of infectious enthusiasm and dynamism.

People engagement was crucial to the smooth implementation of the proposed changes. We had to work closely with Randstad and their people to understand their history and culture and what their ambitions were for future evolution. Everything was done with Randstad's people in mind. We were careful to address concerns and describe the benefits of the shift from static, specified workstations to collaborative, fluid co-working areas.

We were able to deliver the fundamental cultural shift Randstad wanted from their new workplace. The working environment has encouraged a new way of working. The emphasis is on collaboration. Every element of the new interior is designed to bring people together to be at their most productive. And most importantly of all, Randstad's people love it!

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