24 March 2022

Bertie’s been nippin’ to MIPIM (Cannes you believe it)

Our Business Development Director, Richard Bertram, has recently been representing TSK at the world’s leading real estate event. Here’s what he had to say…

The giant property event that is MIPIM returned to Cannes in the Cote D’Azure last week after, like so many events, a two-year Covid hiatus. To be honest, such a major property event isn’t even about the property, it’s about the people, and they were very much to the fore this year.

Contradictory to some of the doom and gloom predictions before the event, forecasting that it would be a shadow on previous years, many people were there but some weren’t.

Bertie’s been nippin’ to MIPIM (Cannes you believe it)

Some decided not to attend (Manchester & Leeds councils being high profile examples), several had to miss out due to Covid infections but the most notable and lamentable absence was of people from Ukraine; the empty stand with symbolic wording where they should have been stood reminded all at a European event that there is a war in Europe.

Putting people first

Of the Environmental, Social & Governance aspects of ESG, the S took significant precedence. The future is about people & their expectations. The property industry needs to realise this quickly and understand, partly through tech, what people need and desire.

People want great places to live and work. They don’t want to travel to buildings or areas that have few amenities & a lack of quality spaces. They want good service too. If their experience isn’t a good one they will look at how they can change that, and in a time of demand for talent, people will look elsewhere for opportunities.

If one positive can come out of the last three years it’s that people now demand better quality in areas such as health, service, buildings, offices and communal space and there is an opportunity for us all to deliver this quality.

Creating communities

We need to create communities inside & out. People connect and are productive in all sorts of places, and the better those places are, the better that attraction and connection will be.

I’m glad to say that networking was back in full swing at MIPIM 2022. The first business card was exchanged at St Pancreas and the last on the flight back to Manchester (or to be more accurate, on many occasions the exchange of LinkedIn QR codes).

It was so good to be back with people, face to face again. Here’s to more of the same going forward.

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Workplace [R]Evolution: Issue 3
Workplace [R]Evolution: Issue 3

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