TSK sponsor industry renowned #WorkBold podcast.

Fortune favours TSK as they make the bold move to become headline sponsors of international podcast #WorkBold.

We are continuing to evolve and look for new ways to communicate with existing and future clients by sponsoring season 6 of the commercial real estate industry’s renowned, #WorkBold podcast.

It is the only podcast in the world dedicated to the future asset class called Space-as-a-Service (SPaaS). Caleb Parker, Founder of Bold, a NewFlex company, chats with innovators challenging the status quo to create a better world.

Having spent more than two decades helping some of the world’s biggest brands to create inspiring workplaces as well as increasing our presence through thought leadership campaigns, the #WorkBold platform will now allow TSK to share that expertise with people in over 50 countries worldwide.

Liam Smith, Brand & Marketing Manager at TSK said: “We’ve listened to the #WorkBold podcast for a number of years now and are big fans of Caleb and Bold. I am thrilled we are partnering with them to discuss the future of commercial real estate alongside some of the best thought leaders in the industry and the world.”

Caleb, Founder of Bold, said: “I’ve learned a lot from the TSK team, and I love how they’re helping companies who are leaning into the future of work create dynamic workplaces. I can’t wait to share their insights with the #WorkBold audience”

You can listen to the full back catalogue and subscribe here – workbold.co.uk/podcast

  • TSK


  • 1 minute

    20 October 2021

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