TSK partnered with Stantec to deliver their new London HQ

TSK are delighted to announce a new partnership with Stantec, an international professional services company in the design and consulting industry, to design and build their new workplace in the heart of London’s Farringdon.

Their new home in The Stills building is directly opposite Farringdon station, offering amazing transport links in an area made popular by Smithfield Market. Their new home will feature areas for social connection and collaboration, as well as team and individual working spaces.

Getting the design right for their people

The focus of the design is on inclusivity and neurodiversity, with lightning and acoustic treatments throughout, as well as specific considerations given to the visual development of the space with furniture placement and the flow of people.

The project has had sustainability at its core too, with furniture and storage being re-used where possible to limit the new workplace’s environmental impact.

Craig Murray, Strategy and Design Director at TSK, said: “We are delighted to support Stantec, a leading design and consultancy organisation, as they move into their new London home, which underpins their diverse team and future ambitions.”

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  • TSK


  • 1 minute

    22 November 2021

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