Metro Bank Bristol: An AMAZE-ing new way of working

Metro Bank Bristol: An AMAZE-ing new way of working

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We worked with Metro Bank to reimagine the future of their Bristol contact centre, AMAZE Direct. The new energised environment is designed to give something back to their employees.

A business transformation

Metro Bank, the UK’s first challenger bank, is a growing organisation that prides itself on providing a strong company culture. It’s renowned for its belief in ‘people-people banking’. As part of Metro Bank’s digital transformation, they wanted to open a new contact centre in Bristol, ‘AMAZE Direct’ – a space where employees can connect with their team, brand and customers differently.

The financial sector is fiercely competitive. So, for Metro Bank, it was crucial to move away from their traditional office and deliver an unrivalled working experience for their employees. They wanted to encourage a sense of belonging, progression and growth within the company while attracting top talent.

The new office space needed to embody their company values:

The new office space needed to embody their company values:

Attend to every detail
Make every wrong right
Ask if you are not sure – Bump It Up!
Zest is contagious – Share It!
Exceed expectations
Inspire colleagues to create fans
Nurture colleagues so they grow
Game change because this is a revolution

Working closely with Metro Bank

Working closely with Metro Bank

We conducted interviews to better understand job roles, the challenges employees were facing and how people were currently working. By involving their people from the start, we were able to form bespoke solutions to suit their needs and objectives.

Creating a sense of brand connection

What sets Metro Bank apart is their dedication to ensuring their people feel a sense of belonging. 

The building’s layout encourages employees to connect to one another, the brand and customers. The AMAZE Direct contact centre is on the top floor, the training and development area is on the middle floor, and their store is on the lower floor. To get to the contact centre, employees need to walk through the store, immerse themselves in the brand and see their customers.

A space to learn and develop

Metro Bank works hard to retain its talent, encouraging people to feel a part of their growing organisation by providing growth and development opportunities.

We designed bespoke curved desks with unobtrusive legs for ‘shoulder surfing’, allowing managers to sit by their employees with ease. This offers more opportunities for coaching, creating a more connected and fluid team.

"We’re thrilled to be opening our first contact centre in the South West. Our new colleagues are passionate and knowledgeable and I know they will make a real difference in our customers’ experience."

Aisling Kane, Metro Bank Chief Operating Officer

An AMAZE-ing work experience

The new AMAZE Direct contact centre is fresh, bright and airy, with open plan spaces that encourage movement, collaboration, productivity and shared learning. 

We incorporated biophilic design, running planting solutions throughout the middle of the desks. This not only positively impacts workers’ happiness and productivity but also diffuses sound, creating a better customer experience.  

The variety of settings (desks, breakout areas and tech-enabled huddle spaces), gives employees the best possible working experience, enabling them to connect both in the office and across a distributed workforce. 

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