11 July 2022

Elastic Offices

Sodexo is a world-leading provider of facilities & property management and catering services. They operate in over 60 countries, with a vision to ‘create a better every day for everyone to build a better life for all’.

Sodexo recognises the concept of the elastic office – a more flexible workplace design that stretches, contracts and reconfigures to meet the needs of the people using the space.

Sodexo’s Group Marketing Insights (Feb 2022) found more than 1 employee in 10 is not comfortably settled at home and most are missing the basics.

Just over half (52%) of women say they enjoy working remotely and would like to do so in the long term, compared with
(41% of) men.

The data from Sodexo’s latest Pulse survey demonstrates that knowledge workers (people who handle or use information) – and in particular people of colour, working mothers and women – are thriving with the rise of newfound location and schedule flexibility.

With executives, white knowledge workers, men and non-parents opting into in-office work at higher rates, leaders hoping to retain top talent and maintain diversity must act swiftly and deliberately to counter the forces of proximity bias.

Always adapting. Ready to change.

Always adapting. Ready to change.

Sodexo’s London headquarters has a unique dual purpose. It showcases how a modern operational workplace can look and behave for potential clients, while supporting a global cohort of their own core staff and activity. Ultimately, it now offers twice the employee and client experience in less than half the space the company previously used.

This is a flexible and easily editable place that can accommodate diverse activities and events. Reconfigurable partitions that can be altered to suit any number of occupants and tailored to specific tasks reflect the distinct modern work modes of focus and collaboration.

The rise of hybrid working means people won’t be in the office eight hours a day, five days a week. Sodexo’s new office neatly responds to ideas of connection and communication for face-to-face meetings within the built environment, with additional integrated technology solutions for remote collaboration.

“Each employee will have very different experiences and expectations when they return to the workplace, so that flexibility will be key.”  Philippe Casgrain – SVP, Global FM and HSE, Sodexo


Making a home for work

Making a home for work

The aesthetic airs subtle domesticity that manages to retain the authority and function of a working space. A bright, fresh open aspect is married to biophilic design, optimising the natural light from the building’s location and a soft colour palette. It also represents the Sodexo brand identity in a muted and evolved way.

This is a place that has become an asset in attracting and
nurturing talent for their workforce.

Elastic Offices

“Workplaces have become social currency and can be key in attracting and retaining talent. We felt we could truly enhance the reimagining of these spaces with the addition of a specialist design approach, which is why we partnered with TSK.

Workplace design needs to look and feel amazing, and it must also work seamlessly, be durable and add value. Our clients are already seeing the difference through spaces designed with deep workplace knowledge and employee insights.”

Julie Ennis
CEO of Corporate Services, Sodexo UK&I

73% of business leaders say that existing and potential employees are scrutinising their sustainability policies and demanding more climate-positive action. And 67% of SMEs expect the pandemic to change organisational and working practices, leading to more environmentally sustainable economic development.

Creating room to innovate

Creating room to innovate

Using our full suite of services from strategy to design and build means that all design choices and finishes work more cohesively.

It allows room for more innovation to meet the demands and requirements of the people using the building.

Vpod Solutions operating as digital concierge services is a great example of this. They work for guest bookings, meeting availability and even suggest catering and travel options to develop a truly intuitive experience for every visit.

Sensors track air pollution, desk usage and energy management to continuously improve the office environment. There are huge sustainability gains to be celebrated, too, with an overall space reduction of 50%.

A new approach brings new possibilities

Visiting clients are fully immersed in a functional demonstration of what is now possible for a work environment – they can imagine their own enterprise prospering in a similar space.

Sodexo is now confident in exactly what a modern operational hub can be through an ever-evolving shift towards new approaches to office design from the top down.

Every organisation will have different needs and priorities as they adapt to new working models and perceptions. A more insight-driven and responsive workplace design – an elastic office – provides opportunities to inspire employees, as well as support them. This approach to workspaces helps to create a culture in which employees feel engaged and understood.

This philosophy is now very much high on the agenda for any decisions regarding Sodexo’s existing and future portfolio.


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Workplace [R]Evolution: Issue 4
Workplace [R]Evolution: Issue 4

Leaders are working harder than ever to deliver healthy, inclusive and empowering workspaces that deliver the very best work-life balance.

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