17 June 2022

Setting sail on Saga’s transformation programme

Over the last two years, there has been a huge wealth of business transformation stories. As organisations adapt at pace and attempt to plan for uncertainty, one thing remains clear – navigating a new world of work means new thinking.

“This was about making a stride rather than a step. Creating exceptional experiences and exceptional spaces.”
Craig Murray, Strategy and Design Director, TSK

Three locations for the seven seas

Saga is a forward-thinking business with services including cruises and insurance. They create exceptional experiences every day for their customers and staff.

In early 2020, they began the process of developing a ten-year transformation strategy. After building a comprehensive understanding of what space is required to adequately meet the roles and tasks of the business, they have now successfully reduced their seven locations into three as part of this strategy development. A fresh focus on their headquarters at Enbrook Park allowed them to create an inspirational central hub in the heart of Folkestone with two smaller sites (another in Folkestone and one in London).

Accelerated research and development for a new world

Accelerated research and development for a new world

The vast majority of Saga’s 2,500 employees moved to home-based working during the pandemic. This period stress-tested the purpose of the office and proved that they were able, and willing, to work differently as a business.

Enbrook Park was then redesigned around the theme of celebration, iconic moments, collaboration, learning and training. The pandemic provided an opportunity for their staff to return to a remarkable place of work that is ideally suited to new working patterns and lifestyles.

A fresh outlook

A fresh outlook

Magnificent views of the English Channel provide an incredible outlook of their service landscape of the sea. Colours and textures found around the local coastline are weaved into a palette of Saga’s interior colourways. This is a space that encourages one to look for inspiration beyond the horizon.

The impressive atrium offers a real wow factor when employees and visitors first walk in. Planting works as an integral part of that design scheme, to purify the air, cool and manage the atmosphere, and contribute to an overall focus on wellbeing.

Connect. Collaborate. Celebrate.

Connect. Collaborate. Celebrate.

Saga brought their people together through the breakdown of location silos to improve colleague communication and connection.

The dedicated spaces within Enbrook Park are now a dynamic celebration of what it means to work together in one environment. It represents a contact centre that attends to learning, training and face-to-face personal development.

The auditorium houses a large AV media screen for employees to bring even larger groups of people together with town halls, events, and regular content sharing across teams.

A wave of inspiration

Genuine consideration for the health and wellbeing of their employees saw the catering provision also undergo an evolution. A food counter, juice bar and dining area, inspired by their cruise ship menus, provides an enviable high-end food offering that has become an asset for the whole team.

When consumers were asked how they manage and release stress, dietary considerations ranked fourth. Consumers recognise that diet can assist in better mental and emotional health. 16% named dietary supplements as a tool, with 15% saying indulgent treats were a help, while 14% ate food and beverage designed specifically for calming or mood-boosting benefits. Source: Innova Health & Nutrition Survey 2021

This is a building that has been completely re-awakened.

The transformation that Saga has committed to for their organisation is now personified in the surroundings of their spectacular new home. They have established a social heart that will define their activity for a bright future.

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Workplace [R]Evolution: Issue 4
Workplace [R]Evolution: Issue 4

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