Creating a gold standard work environment for SilverDoor

Creating a gold standard work environment for SilverDoor

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    15,000 sq ft

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    Design and Build

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SilverDoor is an award-winning and global leader in the serviced apartments and corporate housing industry that needed the right surroundings to support its commitment to both customer service and talent attraction.

We collaborated to fast-track this brief beyond everybody’s expectations. It’s an incredible project that has given SilverDoor a true exemplar of a modern workplace in Lancaster.

A great business. Wonderfully accommodated.

SilverDoor’s office was no longer fit for the purpose and reputation they’ve worked hard to develop and maintain. They approached us to assist with the full suite of our services through workplace strategy, design, build, and furniture choices for their newly acquired operational centre in Lancaster. This was to be a complete redesign and fit-out of the building.

Everything had to be considered. The fundamental aspects of internal architectural construction – assessing and designing new staircases and windows – became the starting point for this connected space of 15,000 sq. ft. across two floors.

We wanted to achieve a world-class experience for the SilverDoor team to reflect a rapidly growing business with an outstanding and motivational work culture.

Productivity through social connections

Productivity through social connections

Recently, there has been a recognised drive for businesses to promote a defined culture for their workforce that it’s often taken for granted and not correctly applied. SilverDoor takes its corporate identity and team’s wellbeing seriously, and so we wanted to make sure this was evident in our work.

They invest in their people, and it’s vital that they have a space to encourage this philosophy. The emphasis on social, breakout and entertainment areas acknowledges the dedication and passion of their workforce. They’ve nurtured a strong familial feel within a professional setting that’s fully fitted with domestic appliances. 

All of this is essential to making SilverDoor an aspirational place to support hybrid working.

Identity as the driving design force

Identity as the driving design force

Around two-thirds of the Lancaster team have roles involving operator and customer liaison. Their clients are amongst some of the biggest commercial brands in the world – and they expect the highest levels of service. Key stakeholders within SilverDoor understood exactly what atmosphere would enable and motivate the team to continually meet and exceed those levels.

In partnership with the client, we evaluated, iterated and delivered the right results. Planning permission for the new windows was a challenge, and some complex joint decisions had to be made regarding heating and ventilation. 

These decisions were not driven by cost alone. SilverDoor’s identity was given precedence, and the fittings and overall aesthetic definitely benefited as a result. The building boasts high-spec finishes from top to bottom, including luxury carpets, and the ceilings treated for acoustic ability and sound soak.

Delivered with purpose, style and speed

This project illustrates what can be achieved through a cohesive and aligned strategy, with everybody on board from the beginning. SilverDoor was available every step of the way to develop their own understanding of what we were suggesting and designing for their home. 

One of the most impressive benefits of this approach was the fit-out timeframe. We started on-site in July 2021 and delivered the project in December.

Marcus Angell, Founder and Chairman of SilverDoor, said: “TSK has been fantastically supportive throughout this project and I can’t speak highly enough of them. I wanted to provide a Grade A office space in Lancaster that was honest to the building going to last from a design and practical perspective.

“We now have an equal amount of collaboration space and breakout spaces as we do ‘working desks’, and that has been quite a cultural change. It is definitely something we will be rolling out across our other offices as it is already working better than I’d anticipated and I’m very happy with it.”

Business with a buzz

SilverDoor now has the perfect place for their operations, as a progressive company with a committed workforce. There is a genuine buzz and unified feeling throughout, and a revitalised and energised outlook for what will undoubtedly be a successful future. It’s easy to see how they will continue their development and attract new talent from their impressive viewpoint across Lancaster and the North of England.

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