We’ve been creating some of the world’s most effective workplaces for 25 years and collaborate with market leading experts across complimentary disciplines. We’re passionate about constantly evolving and sharing knowledge in order to grow. Our thoughts about workplace design and useful resources can be found here.

  • Workplace [R]Evolution: Issue 3

    Workplace [R]Evolution: Issue 3

    With many organisations now viewing hybrid working as a competitive advantage, it’s more important than ever to engage with people, to guide workplace decisions.

    In this third issue of the Workplace [R]Evolution, we’re bringing you the latest data, exploring how to lead with employee experience and sharing the latest examples of hybrid workplaces.

  • Workplace [R]Evolution: Issue 2

    Workplace [R]Evolution: Issue 2

    With dispersed workforces set to remain, organisations are adopting hybrid working models at a rapid pace, taking learnings from activity based working, utilising technology and empowering employees to choose how and where they want to work.

    In the second edition of our publication, we’ve explored the challenges and solutions of managing a hybrid workplace, how technology is helping bring people back to the office and the evolution of office design.

  • Workplace [R]Evolution: Issue 1

    Workplace [R]Evolution: Issue 1

    In 2020, offices around the world were forced to close and everyone had to adapt to new ways of working. The use of technology has enabled businesses to work remotely, bringing new questions over the purpose of the workplace.

    In the first edition of our new publication, we’re sharing news, reviews, insights and opinions about the state of workplace – direct from our experts and clients living and breathing the conversation.

  • Activity Based Working: The TSK Guide

    Activity Based Working: The TSK Guide

    Discover how you can create an effective workplace that supports your people and boosts business performance.

    Read more about how it can benefit your organisation – download your free copy now

  • Workplace Reset > Future

    Workplace Reset > Future

    What does the future look like for the workplace? What are the new challenges of a more distributed workforce and how do we cater for those whilst staying productive?

    Read our findings and predictions based on discussions and projects with over 40 leading national and international clients.

  • Workplace Reset > Next

    Workplace Reset > Next

    Most organisations have established a workplace reset plan, but what’s next? What challenges and opportunities will your business face over the next 18-24 months?

    Read our findings and predictions based on discussions and projects with over 40 leading national and international clients.

  • Workplace Reset > Now

    Workplace Reset > Now

    What can your organisation do now to support its workplace reset?

    Read our collection of insights not just from our own team, but from the in-depth conversations we’ve had with our partners and clients.

  • Inspiring Workplace Wellbeing - Whitepaper

    Inspiring Workplace Wellbeing - Whitepaper

    This research explores how wellbeing in the workplace can contribute to your successful wellbeing strategy, improve employee experience and attract and retain talent and create conditions in which employees benefit from their environment.

    Plus, learn from leading organisations, including Kellogg’s, Goldman Sachs and AJ Bell on how they support their people.


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