AJ Bell – One of the Top Performing Workplaces in the World

AJ Bell – One of the Top Performing Workplaces in the World

  • AJ Bell AJ Bell
  • Size

    90,000 sq ft

  • Services Involved

    Strategy & Design
    Design & Build
    Activation & Engagement
    Activity Based Working

  • Recognition

    Leesman+ accreditation - Ranked in the Top 10 performing workplaces in the world

By working in partnership with AJ Bell, we designed and built an office that ranked in the top performing workplaces in the world, helping them become one of ‘Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For’.

Defining and driving change

As one of the UK’s fastest growing investment companies, AJ Bell realised their environment was key to helping accelerate their next wave of growth. They were undertaking a relocation and commissioned us to understand how the relocation would impact them, what their people wanted from their new workplace, and then design and build a space built around these needs.

The company’s commitment to their vision inspired, engaged and aligned people right across the business. And by our teams working in sync with theirs, we helped drive the company’s successful transformation and created one of the world’s top performing workplaces.

Their leadership team worked together to decide and define what success looked like. And we got involved as an extension of that team to make it happen.

Our design helped AJ Bell become one of the Top Performing Workplaces in the world

This level of success can only be achieved with a powerful vision, and the commitment and knowledge to realise it, in precise detail. While the leaders in the business defined what they wanted at a strategic level, we worked closely with them to interpret their vision at a human level, understanding how we can transform the company experience for everybody working there.

We engaged people all the way through

We engaged people all the way through

We helped AJ Bell navigate its way towards its goals by communicating with staff. And by working closely with change champions within the company, our methodology was embedded in the organisation. From start to finish, people were supported through the transformation and became part of the journey.

We defined ‘getting it right’ and worked back from there

We defined ‘getting it right’ and worked back from there

By collaborating with the leadership team, we helped the company define what a successful transition looked like. We got a clear understanding of the experience they wanted to create for their staff, and designed, built and fit a workplace that delivers.

Everything has a purpose

Everything has a purpose

With that in mind, every element of our design has a reason for being. We shared AJ Bell’s vision for not only creating a place that’s fit for purpose, but fits the people who use it every day. A big part of this involved using design to bring their company values to life –  physically aligning leadership, employees, and customers through the heart of the building.

We work together because we know it works

Time and time again, we see the best results come from clarity and alignment between and within project teams. Working with AJ Bell was no different. While the leadership team great at aligning their vision before engaging us, it was our collaboration and close way of working with their employees that brought that to life, made the project a success and have it ranked in the top 10 performing workplaces in the world.

"Everything developed in EQ4 has been born out of TSK’s experience and out of what our people wanted. I’m delighted with our new headquarters."

Andy Bell, Chief Executive at AJ Bell

We created a world-class workplace for people

AJ Bell wanted to take their company to the next level. Together, we achieved it.

From initial consultation, to design and build, we worked together to achieve their ambitions. Now, each and every employee knows they have the potential to add even more value to an already world-class organisation.

For AJ Bell, it means working in a flexible environment offering people a choice of places to work, meet and collaborate. It means having access to a range of facilities, including a state-of-the-art gym, training and seminar suite, e-learning zone, amphitheatre and rooftop terrace and bar. But more than anything, by engaging people all the way through, we created a top performing workplace completely aligned with the company, and which allows them to be their best and achieve their targets.

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